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Here we collect security technologic articles including introductions of international technology standards, resolutions for different markets, typical applications analysis and etc,which help you to acquire the latest information about the standards, techniques, products and the service,in the same time to feel the real safety that Ingersoll rand security service brings to you.

5 questions with Futurist Rob Martens: How Allegion is pioneering safety in the IoT

Rob Martens, Allegion's futurist and director of connectivity platforms, is a leading strategist on the Internet of Things (IoT) ...

Honeywell Adds Schlage AD Series Locking Systems to Pro Watch Access Control Suite

Allegion PLC, a provider of security products and solutions, announced Honeywell Pro-Watch customers will be able to implement access control on more doors by integrating the Schlage AD-Series wireless platform into their security

NFPA 101 — Life Safety Code(Part 12)

Chapter 4 General 4.1* Goals. 4.1.1* Fire. Agoal of this Code is to provide an environment for the occupants that is reasonably safe from fire by the following means: (1)*Protection of occupants not intimate with the initial fire

NFPA 101 — Life Safety Code(Part 11) Temporary Structure. A building or structure not meeting the definition of permanent structure. (See also, Permanent Structure.) Tensioned-Membrane Structure. A membrane structure incorporating a membrane and

NFPA 101 — Life Safety Code(Part 10)

  3.3.179 Occupant Characteristics. The abilities or behaviors of people before and during a fire. 3.3.180 Occupant Load. See 3.3.181 Occupiable Area. See 3.3.182 Occupiable Story. See 3.3.183 One-

NFPA 101 — Life Safety Code(Part 9)

  3.3.104 Flashover. A transition phase in the development of a compartment fire in which surfaces exposed to thermal radiation reach ignition temperature more or less simultaneously and fire spreads rapidly throughout the space,

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